How to choose the best golf clubs for your playing style

How to choose the best golf clubs for your playing style

You choose the best golf clubs by determining what level of skill your golf game is at. The top golf clubs made by popular manufacturers are designed for all levels of golfers from beginners that have never played to experienced players that have a low handicap.

Top golf clubs are included in sets from brands like Titleist, Callaway, Ping, TaylorMade, Mizuno, Cleveland and Cobra. They produce elite golf clubs that help reduce the bad shots for new players and increase accuracy for adept golfers.

It was common for manufacturers in the 1990s and early 200’s to specialize in the best golf clubs for beginners but most brands have expanded their collections to service all levels of players.

Where should I start when choosing a full set of golf clubs?

You can start with online research to determine the best golf clubs for beginners as well as the best golf clubs for intermediate players. There are numerous resources available to help determine what clubs are the best for your skill level.

In online research for the best golf clubs for you you can start by visiting either review sites or manufacturer sites. For example our customer support at Takomo will always help you in choosing the best golf clubs for you.

You can also visit your local golf pro or shop and get help there. There are multiple things to consider when choosing and most of them are unique to you, your playing style and level.

What are the best golf clubs for men?

Traditional golf club sets were not specifically designed for men or women.

The St. Andrews Golf Company was founded in 1881 and produced the first full set of golf clubs. Golf was (mainly) a men’s sport at this time in history and it could be said that they produced the first set of golf clubs for men in that context.

Major golf manufacturers nowadays produce specialized golf club sets for men, women, youths and children. For example the Takomo 201 with stiff shaft would be an excellent choise for a strong male golfer.

Children’s golf club sets are by nature much shorter in length and feature much larger club heads than traditional golf clubs. The children’s sets are normally limited to a driver, an iron, a wedge and a putter (and cost a lot less!).

The best golf clubs for men are a full set of fourteen that offer many different options for different scenarios. They include multiple woods, a suite of irons, a handful of wedges and a putter.

Here you can also find a general guide on how to choose the best golf iron set for you.

golf clubs on course
Takomo 101 golf clubs on course

What are the best golf clubs for women?

The best golf clubs for women are very similar to the best golf clubs for men. Sets of women’s clubs that come from the manufacturer have the same club heads, are the same length and even have the same grips.

There is one main difference. Shaft flex.

As a general rule of thumb womens golf clubs will have a high flex shaft. This helps add more power to a shot by increasing the distance and adding extra loft to the trajectory. You can also get more distance with our Takomo iron 101 with hollow body design. Youth clubs feature the same kind of shaft flex.

What does a complete golf club set include?

Complete golf club sets include a combination of driver, fairway woods, hybrids, irons, wedges and a putter. Different levels of golfers require different combinations of clubs but almost every player has at least one of each type of club.

Professional golfers are limited to fourteen clubs when they are playing in official tournaments sponsored by the PGA, USGA, LPGA, Senior Tour, European Tour, etc. Most amatuer golfers follow the same rules because even local tournaments will enforce the maximum limit.

Most players will only carry one driver and one putter. It’s not out of the question for golfers to have more than one driver but it certainly isn’t the norm. Hybrid clubs have begun to replace fairway woods for a lot of amatuer players because they are much easier to use when the ball is off a tee.

Standard iron sets consist of 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 irons. More advanced players will swap out some of their irons for what is called a ‘driving’ iron (usually a 1 iron or 2 iron). Driving irons have very little loft and are not very forgiving for mishits.

Wedges have a special place in golfers hearts. They are used for approach shots anywhere from 10 yards out all the way to 150 yards for the most advanced players. It is common for golfers to have two or three different wedges in their golf bag. Some are intended for very high flop shots that have little to zero spin while others are meant to attack the green with an aggressive backspin.

takomo golf clubs
A full set of Takomo 101 golf clubs

Shop for golf club sets – Online vs Offline

The best starter golf clubs can be bought both online and in brick and mortar stores, however, the best budget golf clubs will almost always be found online. Online based manufacturers are able to offer the best value golf clubs because they do not have costly overhead like marketing and shelf stocking fees.

FAQ - Frequently asked questions about golf clubs

Who makes the best golf clubs?

Big name brands like Titleist, Callaway, Ping, TaylorMade, Mizuno, Cleveland and Cobra make some of the best golf clubs. They spend a lot of time and money on advertising which increases the price tag significantly.

Direct to consumer golf club manufacturers like Takomo are cutting out all the unneeded added cost that comes from promotion. Their quality is just as good, if not better, than the big name brands and they come at a fraction of the cost.

What are the best golf clubs for beginners?

The best golf clubs for beginners are based on the design of the clubs. Intermediate or beginner, mid handicap and high handicap golfers benefit from using clubs high flex shafts, large club heads, hollow design and cavity “muscle” back game improvement irons.

Takomo game improvement irons are designed to help new golfers make solid contact with the golf ball and reduce mishits for more experienced players.

All time best golf clubs – who made them?

Without question the all time best golf club is the one that changed the way the golf clubs are manufactured – Big Bertha. The Callaway made club was the first design made entirely of stainless steel and had a much larger club head than its contemporaries.

The Big Bertha was substantially larger than its competitors which were still manufacturing clubs made of persimmon wood. The original Big Bertha is much smaller than modern drivers and can be compared to the size of most fairway woods now.

Golf Club vocabulary – All different golf clubs


Irons are used more often than any other club type (except your putter) during a round of golf. They are called irons because the club head is made of metal (original irons were actually made of the metal iron). They have a high amount of loft and can be used in many scenarios on the golf course.


Hybrid clubs have gained immense popularity in modern years. They allow experienced players an alternative to driving irons and give beginner players a huge advantage by improving ball contact and trajectory.


Every player carries a putter in their golf bag and it is used on every hole. Putters are made for use on the green and are the final club used to put the golf ball in the whole.


Players use drivers on the tee box and almost always are used in tandem with a golf ball on a tee. These clubs hit the ball farther than any other option. Avegare driving distance at the moment on PGA tour is 296.6 yards. Some players will use drivers on the fair way to “hit it off the deck” especially on long Par 5’s.


Almost all golfers have more than one wedge. Wedges are used for approach shots on the green and come in a few different varieties. The most common are a pitching wedge, sand wedge and lob wedge. Some players also carry a “gap wedge” but most will use one of the three main clubs for that purpose.

takomo golf clubs wedge skyforger
Takomo Skyforger Wedge as seen on the course

Driving iron

Driving irons are typically used by low handicap players that have a consistent swing and make good contact with the golf ball. They have very little loft and are not very forgiving for mishits. Ball flight for driving irons is typically very low to the ground and used when a ball needs a large amount of forward roll when it lands.