Leading by example

Existing for the golf community

We want to uphold the idea that golf is for everyone. Therefore we founded Takomo. We have forged performance and design into golf clubs that anyone can use and be proud of.

We want to share our knowledge, educate you so you can better understand your game, and assist you in finding the right equipment for you.

We want to listen to your feedback, and turn your ideas into concepts and products. We want to empower the community to share the joy of golf, hear the thrill of your success, and bring the industry closer together.

Honest performance

We cut corners where it is valuable to you

Our direct-to-consumer approach allows us cut costs where it matters the most, while still producing the equipment with the technology to match any. We never spare the expenses in quality and design, but we have found ways to cut corners where it’s valuable to you. The money we save in retail and marketing goes straight into the design and performance. We keep improving where improvement can be achieved while keeping the clubs accessible.

We keep designing tirelessly to create more options to best suit the preferences of all. We offer performance with an honest approach. We encourage the sincerity in golf and guide our customers towards right and sustainable decisions.

Simplicity in design and form

A harmony of you and the club

Our products have been designed with the idea that the perfect performance at every level is created by the harmony between you and the club. Our philosophy is to design products that will grow with you. Performance, that is commensurate with your abilities. Elegant and streamlined design that inspires confidence.

We produce technology to improve your game with top-quality components. We have forged feel and performance to provide clubs, that fit into every moment of your journey.

The Scandinavian Mindset

Ageless design

Originating from the country of timeless design Takomo brings the Scandinavian mindset to golf – quality, and durability without compromising on style, for everyone. Takomo’s way of operating seeks to combine functionality and accessibility. Uniting this mindset with clean design has its roots deep in the Scandinavian way of thinking.

Streamlined and ageless design is at the heart of everything we do. We create a design that boosts your confidence and elegance that’s easy on your eyes. Our products combine the perfect balance of beauty and performance, to deliver the timeless experience for every golfer.

Join #TeamTakomo and be a part of our journey.