We’re looking for outgoing golf influencers motivated to make the game more inclusive, accessible, and fun for everyone. We are actively recruiting across the world trying to find the right ambassadors in targeted regions.

We look for the following characteristics in our ambassadors:

  • An active social media presence that portrays a positive outlook
  • A minimum of 5000 authentic followers on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, or TikTok.
  • A consistent average engagement rate of at least 3% per post.
  • Accounts must not be overly sales/sponsored post-heavy.
  • Content of accounts should be in line with the Takomo brand.


Our Ambassadors are eligible for amazing perks, including:

  • Free Takomo Golf products
  • Invitation to participate in our R&D process, community testing, and new product development
  • Personal referral link that earns a commission for each qualifying order.
  • Membership in our private ambassador group so you can network with top influencers
  • The chance to be re-posted, get exposure, and increase your following